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Gwowei has a strong marketing team and a sound marketing network, in the country with nearly 500 distribution outlets, products throughout the 26 provinces, city, autonomous region.
Three pack Guide
Ⅰ、Good tips:
1.When you purchase a car, please check on the spot debugging, and has the right to ask the sales staff to provide effective bill and warranty card, and repair units detailed address and contact telephone number.
2.Purchase a car, you should carefully read the instruction manual, mastering the right to use and daily maintenance notice, if the electric car to not understand the use of method of use, should be explained, in order to avoid accidental damage. Please do not use electric cars to minors, pregnant women and inconvenient to use.
3.The user according to the product specification correct operation, since the products sold on the hyper 5 due to manufacturing quality caused performance fault (refers to products that do not meet the safety requirements, existence, endanger the life and property safety of the unreasonable danger; or do not have the products shall have the performance), consumers may request the replacement or return.
Ⅱ、Three packs of the scope and content
1.The inner self purchase a car within fifteen days for quality problems found to have chlamydia, leakage phenomenon give change. (repair itself will not change)
2.Purchase a car tyre since three months found that cracking, tire quality reason to change.
3.Saddle, saddle tube, hanger, after double support, after the front brake, cable from the date of purchase a car failure three months because of quality problems, to repair not normally used for replacement (artificial damage will not replace).
4.Front axle, axle, wheel, crank, chain, after the shock, the rim from the purchase a car within six months from the date of occurrence of fracture, fracture, severe deformation, can not repair the given replacement (due to external causes is not belong to the scope of three bags).
5.Paint a self purchase a car within six months from the date of the paint layer above 3cm automatically falls off and cracking replace (a man-made damage, scratch does not belong to the scope of three bags).
6.Electroplated parts since the purchase a car six months the 1 square centimeters above the chrome layer to be off on their own replacement.
Ⅲ、Does not belong to the three packet content
1.Damage caused by user fails to follow the "manual" use, maintenance, custody, maintenance and adjustment.
2.The user to refit, repairing damage, and self decomposition, make the fault original state failure, failure can not be technical appraisal and analysis.
3.Improper use of the user, safekeeping and accident damage.
4.No warranty card, and steel and registration number does not match the vehicle.
5.Easy to damage, consumables not three package (fuse, lighting, brake pads kill line, shock fork Bush spoke, leather, saddle, pedal, bumper).
6.When consumers buy please recognize the appearance quality, use for the appearance of damage does not belong to the scope of warranty.
7.Use the specification range to remove the damaged parts.
8.To repair the damage without the consent of the special repair unit.
9.Indirect costs caused by quality problems.
Ⅳ、The warranty principle
1.The main thing after the fault three package scope and three packets of period of the factory is responsible for the repair, but the appropriate fee.
2.After the "three packs of" super cell renewal period, the factory will be at a preferential price supply, used batteries must be recycled, the old battery returned to the factory, so as to avoid the pollution of the environment.
Ⅴ、User maintenance instructions
1.A valid invoice please show your products and corresponding, warranty card
2.Contact with vendor or nearby principle service center
Note: Guide to the use of electric bicycle
Electric bicycle as a 1 green environmentally friendly transportation, has become the first choice for consumers to buy, how to correctly use. Electric bicycle, play a greater effect for you, you must have some understanding of the knowledge of electric bicycle.
1. Using the advantage of electric bicycle multi function, using the best method is to help move the car. The power of human interaction, namely, saving energy and power.
2. Electric bicycle with zero starting function, because the static starting when the current is large, energy consumption, and easy to damage the battery, should use the pedal riding at boot time, to a certain speed in power acceleration. Uphill, loading or running against the wind, should help the human riding, which can avoid the large current discharge of the battery, improve the first charging mileage, help to extend battery life.
3. The battery must use special charger vehicle matching, input plug AC socket, output plug battery box. First insert the battery box connected to AC, no dislocation. Full of electricity needs 3--8 hours, several hours on the battery charge more than better.
4. Electric vehicle acceleration hand sometimes can not return, please cultivate accelerated after the completion of the hand back to good habits.
5. When braking, the motor current immediately cut off. But when the brakes are released, if then accelerated to accelerating position, the motor will immediately get current forward, this is not conducive to the safety, please be sure to develop accelerated after the completion of the hand back to the good habits.
6. Every time the use of electric cars should check: 1, the adequacy of tire pressure, friction pressure enough can reduce the tire and road; 2, the handlebar steering is reliable, the brake is flexible and effective to ensure traffic safety; the 3, a battery box socket, charger plug is loose, the battery box is locked, the horn and light button effectively, to ensure that the open circuit. Electric bicycle is not suitable for exercise in rough or steep road, such as the case of the pavement, Please Slow Down or get off the implementation.
7. In winter the bike, please try to use pedal power, so you can make your body to get exercise, and to extend the battery life. (because the temperature of the battery capacity decline, such as depth of discharge increase, continued process will be shortened. )
8. Electric bicycle has rainproof performance good, still please avoid direct sunlight and rain, prevent the body or rotating parts corrosion, the rainy season or after water, water, water level is not high center lines of hub motor, to prevent water damage.
9. Electric bicycle standard load of 75 kg, so add the weight of the rider, should be avoided with heavy objects. Use pedal power load.
10.Electric bicycle seat height to the riders feet can subject, ensure the safety of.
11. The daily life and the user lead-acid battery electric bicycle with the maintenance of a great relationship, in general, should pay attention to the following points:
a、The battery depth of discharge of each use smaller (shorter distance). Longer battery life, usually should form the good habit of with filling, the battery capacity to keep adequate.
b、Long time to battery must be fully charged and regular consumption, generally every month.
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